‘Nashville’, Episode 20 – RECAP


Juliette is being blackmailed by Dante, who has their sex tape
and wants $2 million for it. Juliette sends security to give it to him in
exchange for the SD card, but Dante bails, and decides he wants $10 million
instead. She knows he’ll never stop asking for more, and decides to get ahead
of the game by recording an explanation video and appearing on The View to
discuss it. Constantly being treated badly by her daughter, Jolene still wants
to protect her, so she goes to her old drug dealer, gets some oxy and a gun,
and goes back to the apartment to snort it. Once high, she calls Dante telling
him Juliette’s given up, but that she has the $2 million if he wants to come
over. He does, but when confronted Jolene shoots him, before phoning her
daughter (she’s about to go on The View), and telling her how special she is.
She then deliberately overdoses on drugs, and is already dead by the time
Juliette has rushed back home to find her.


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Is Carrie Underwood the best living Country singer?

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With the tragic passing of legend George Jones, Country music now has a void.

Who can possibly fill his shoes? With the Possum no longer blessing us with his gorgeous voice, who is now the best living Country singer?

Well, Brad Paisley recently weighed in on the topic (in an interview with Country 92.5), and he says Carrie Underwood is the best. Do you think he's right on the money?


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