Kree Harrison, “All Cried Out” – Single Review

Kree Harrison is one heck of a vocalist.

As her potential debut single (it has not been confirmed, but she did tell MTV News that she wants it to be), "All Cried Out" is a knock-out punch of emotions. Coming from a place of unabashed honesty, Kree pours her pain and soul into the song's stirring lyrics. The tune was co-written by Katrina ElamGordie Sampsonand Steve McEwan — the songwriters behind such hits for Carrie UnderwoodRascal FlattsEli Young BandHunter HayesReba McEntire and newcomer Lauren Alaina.

At first listen, I got chills. That doesn't happen often, but when it does, I know I'm listening to something really special.


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Lady Antebellum’s ‘Goodbye Town’ Is Underwhelming & Forgettable – Review


When I first listened to ‘Golden’, Lady Antebellum’s new
album from which ‘Goodbye Town’ is the second single, I was significantly
underwhelmed. True, I prefer music with a bit more twang and grit than is
typically expected of Lady Antebellum, but I had enjoyed ‘Downtown’ and was
hoping for more sass from their fourth record. However, ‘Goodbye Town’
accurately reflects an album which has few stand-out tracks, this one in
particular not being one of them. I was surprised that this was to be the
single, therefore, and disappointed that they chose to release a bland,
predictable soft rock ballad over some of the more interesting songs on

It would probably be correct to assume that most of their
fans will lap up ‘Goodbye Town’, as it does much of what they have done before:
an atmosphere and guitar-led song about angsty love/heartbreak, with fairy
standard lyrics that every teenage girl can post in a picture on their Tumblr
with some romanticized imagery. In fact, much of the song musically reminds me
of a single from their first album, ‘I Run To You’. If Lady A were looking to
release a heartbreak ballad, they could have chosen ‘It Ain’t Pretty’, or if
they were looking for something fuller production but similar tempo, ‘Get To
Me’ is a fairly solid track.


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