Westboro Baptist Church pickets Carrie Underwood concert and George Jones’ funeral


Typically, I wouldn't give Westboro Baptist Church the time of day. However, considering the world we live in now (and in light of the recent bombing in Boston), it's a necessary conversation to keep having. We all need to understand what's going on in our own backyards.

It's all about love, people.

Carrie Underwood performed a show tonight (May 1) at the Spring Center in Kansas City, Mo. All was set to go off without a hitch…until the poster-carrying extremists took the streets outside of the arena to promote their hate-filled speech. This time around they carried signs emblazoned with such words as "Gods H8s Whores" and "Christians Caused Fag Marriage." Honestly, it can't get much worse, especially for someone like Carrie who believes in love and treating your fellow man with unconditional kindness.

I suppose this was bound to happen, considering Carrie's remarks last summer during an interview in the UK.


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Curb sues Tim McGraw for the zillionth time. Here’s an attorney’s take on things

Wow. I have to say that I'm kind of in awe of how relentless Curb Records has been in pursuing Tim McGraw and getting just one last album from him.

It almost makes you wonder if Tim would have been better off just recording a last album with Curb and being done with it all. 

Anyway, after years of legal wrangling, Curb's back at it again, this time suing in federal court stating that Tim's recently released "Two Lanes of Freedom" actually belongs to them. They've now sued for copyright infringement. 

You can read the actual lawsuit here.

I'm horrid at explaining legal mumbo jumbo so I asked my friend Lorendasue, a licensed Tennessee attorney, to give her take on the latest developments. Here's what she had to say:

You've probably read by now that Curb Records sued Tim McGraw and Big Machine
Records in the federal U.S. District Court in Nashville on Monday. What you may
not have read is that the lawsuit which Curb has had against McGraw since 2011
in state court in Nashville was discontinued by Curb on Monday, also. You should
recall that Curb and McGraw were battling in state court over whether McGraw had
breached his recording contract with Curb (which stretches back to 1997, but
most of the current disagreement is under a 2001 change in the contract) by not
delivering the music for the masters for his "Emotional Traffic" album within
the time frame Curb claimed was called for under the contract.


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Spotlight: Odiss Kohn

Odiss kohn

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube of this man singing a Easton Corbin cover and right away I had to find him. The moment he opened his mouth and started to sing, I felt like country music had made a comeback. It's amazing how much talent is on YouTube, when I hear Odiss Kohn sing it makes me hopeful that country music has a future. It was a pleasure to catch up with him for a much needed interview.

At what age did you realize you wanted to pursue country music?

I guess I had to be around the age of 8 or so

What is your favorite thing about country music?

The fact that it tells a story. To me it tells past, present & future.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes. I am also a writer as well.


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‘Nashville’, Episode 17 – RECAP


It’s been another 3 weeks without Nashville in our lives
everyone. I am little less emotionally fulfilled for it, and I’m sure you are
too. Luckily for us, it’s back tonight (tonight!!!) so to remind ourselves of
what’s happened leading up to this point, let’s have a little recap, shall we?

Lamar has had a heart attack, and is in hospital. Rayna
decides to cancel her sold-out show in New York to go back to Nashville and be
with her family. Lamar hates being vulnerable and refuses to accept that he
needs to rest and let Tandy handle things. Watty White drops by to lend support
but when Lamar tries to escape the hospital he sees him and freaks out,
shouting. Watty explains to Rayna that he was her mother’s musician ‘friend’,
and that when her mother was killed in a car crash, she was leaving Lamar for
him. Later Lamar has another heart attack while sleeping, and he remains unconscious
for the rest of the episode. Rayna is left to watch him, and she calls Deacon
and leaves a voicemail to let him know what’s going on. He decides to go visit
her, prompting Rayna to mull over some things and speak some honest truths to
her unconscious father, who opens his eyes before the episode ends. Managing
the business, Tandy finds out from Lamar’s advisors that Peggy was the one who
leaked the lies about the divorce to the press, and she tells Teddy.


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