To counteract today’s possible Blake Shelton backlash, here’s Blake and a cute baby

Blake Shelton holds a cute baby

So last week Vickye pissed off Blake Shelton (yes, Blake Shelton) and a whole lot of his fans by posting a review of Ten Times Crazier. For a few hours I think I was the most hated person on Twitter despite my actually being asleep when the post was written and posted to NashvilleGab.

Today, Vickye posted a review of Boys Round Here. To prepare myself for any potential backlash/people wishing I’d curl up in a ball and die, I’ve searched the world wide web and found this cute picture of Blake and a baby.

I was actually looking for a cute picture of Blake and a puppy, but this picture popped up (from Twitter).

Yeah, I’m not above bribery and/or diversion tactics to keep people from hating me.

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