The funniest thing you’ll see all day … Willie Nelson auditions to play Gandalf

Man alive, my funny bone hurts after watching this. 

Willie Nelson turns the big eight ohh (that's 80 just in case you didn't understand that whole eight ohh bit) on Tuesday and to celebrate he decided to head to Conan to try out for the part of Gandalf in the upcoming Hobbit 2 movie. 

Do I even need to mention that it's a stoned Gandalf?

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Yeah, didn't think so. 

Oh, and Gandalf responded to Willie's audition!

Ian McKellen (Gandalf in the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies) tweeted Willie. 


Dear Willie, You are far too young to play Gandy.But nice try; have a stoner of a birthday. Love and admiration. Ian

— Ian McKellen (@IanMcKellen) April 30, 2013


{Via Gawker}

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