Taylor Swift moves up in the real estate department

Taylor Swift is known for her mansion buying, but it appears that she's really moved up the real estate ladder — and it's not near any known love interests so that's a plus. 

TMZ has photos that appear to show Taylor looking around a very large mansion in Rhode Island. They said: 

Taylor has been looking at one of the most famous properties in Rhode Island — the Harkness House — an 11k-plus-square-foot mansion that sits on 5.23 acres of prime real estate.

The property is in Rhode Island but I don't think it's actually called the Harkness House, at least I wasn't able to find it called that anywhere but on TMZ. What I have found is that the property is called High Watch and at a sales price of $24 million, it is the 20th most expensive property currently for sale in the United States. 

According to TMZ, Taylor toured the mansion on Monday with members of her family. No word on if she purchased it or not or was even seriously contemplating it, but I'm jealous if she gets it. You can read all about the ocean front property here. 

In case you're curious, the most expensive private home for sale in the U.S. right now is a $125 million beauty located in Los Angeles, California. 


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