Spotlight: John Mcdonald


John Mcdonald is your average West Virginia boy, however, when he is not working at the strip mine he is singing Lady Gaga covers. Oh come on, it's not country music but at least this version I can stomach. This 26-year-old Trace Creeker grew up listening to Hank Sr, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. His current influences are Eric Church, Justin Moore, and Jamey Johnson. He grew up in the backwoods and got his first guitar at fourteen, he wanted to be just like Lynard Skynard he says. He even won a talent contest during the Freedom Festival in Logan, WV a few years ago. His prize? $250 and a trophy. He also claims he will win again this year and I believe it. Family, friends and coal mines…that's what John Mcdonald is about, oh and Lady Gaga! 🙂

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