‘Nashville’, Episode 16 – RECAP


Deacon’s getting domestic, having spent a month in the
pocket of his new girlfriend, and when it comes to leaving to go back on tour,
he invites Stacey to come with (and brings Sue the dog! Aww). Things are really
awkward between them and Rayna, and Stacey only finds out from other people
that Deacon has romantic history with both the tour headliners, but Rayna gives
Deacon her blessing as she begins to realise she must let him move on. With all
this in mind Deacon decides that he might decide not to tour from now on,
instead settling down with Stacey and only playing local shows, as she hates
life on the road.

Juliette is really stressed with the upcoming launch of her
new single, but Dante is trying to keep her calm. It doesn’t stop Juliette from
freaking out about Rayna’s huge billboard in Times Square, however, and she
sets her sights on securing an equally lucrative advertising deal to boost the
sales of her new album. Upon persuasion, Dante helps her, at the cost of doing
therapy sessions with Jolene, who keeps getting fobbed off as the two get
closer. Juliette is successful in her bid for a smartphone advertising deal,
and she again persuades Dante to give into what he wants (her, when she’s
trying to kiss him), making him give into temptation, which could bring him
back into addiction. Jolene is feeling lonely and noting the huge gap that
remains between her and her daughter, and to apologise Juliette dedicates a
song to her mom while she’s playing a show.

Rayna is struggling to keep a hold on her daughters, who
after seeing her life as a superstar, want to follow their music instead of continue
at school. Rayna initially says no because she doesn’t want the industry to
ruin them, but Tandy compares Rayna to her father not believing in her dreams,
which prompts her to allow her daughters to perform the Lumineers’ ‘Ho Hey’ at
soundcheck. The performance is overwhelmingly awesome, and gets the whole crew
watching and clapping along.

Meanwhile Teddy is back at home having Peggy sleep in the
family home, and after he and Coleman continuously reject Lamar’s attempts to
control them and their plans for the city, Lamar approaches Peggy, revealing
that he knows she leaked the info about the divorce to the papers. Peggy
co-operates, and tries to convince Teddy that Lamar’s desired place for the stadium
is the best. The episode ends with Lamar talking on the phone, and then choking
and seemingly dying or passing out or something similar (cue awesome new

It’s domestic bliss between Gunnar and Scarlett, until
Scarlett’s contract with Edge Hill arrives for her to sign and it transpires
that she hasn’t told Gunnar, although she’s been desperately trying to convince
the label that they should sign the two of them together. Gunnar is furious,
and the arrival of a new neighbour probably doesn’t help matters, as they have
him over and it prevents the two from talking it out, instead staying in cold
silence. Gunnar and the new neighbour begin jamming together, and Gunnar
explains the situation to him, admitting it was his own fault. He later tells
Scarlett she should sign the contract, even though she doesn’t want to, as he
isn’t Avery and will support her no matter what.

Avery is struggling, as he’s about to be dropped from his
publishing contract if he can’t get a record deal, and his ex-manager Marilyn
has a monopoly on almost all the clubs and bars to play in town, so he can’t
get a gig to support himself. He refuses to go home defeated to an unsupportive
father when JT finds him playing for money on the street, but JT hands him
information on a roadie job, pitying his poor position. JT is going back to
Ohio, so it looks like he’s being written out for now. Avery goes to NY to be a
roadie, and I figure he may end up on the Rayna/Juliette tour, and that would
be nice and convenient!

‘Nashville’ Episode 17 airs tonight (April 10), on ABC at
10/9c. Catch my recap next Wednesday!

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