‘Nashville’, Episode 15 – RECAP


It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these, hasn’t
it? Damn you Nashville and your long breaks.

Deacon is struggling to look after his new dog that Juliette
gifted him for his birthday. He takes it to the vet (who is new in town and hates
country music) and ends up taking her back to his and sleeping with her. After
a talk with Coleman, Deacon decides to start from the beginning, and asks the
vet to go out with him on a proper date. Rayna is struggling to keep a hold on
Maddie, who calls her a bitch when she doesn’t allow her to go shopping after
school. Rayna grounds her daughter, but Maddie slips past Teddy and goes with
her friends to a gig of Juliette’s, which she has invited ‘the world’ to after
being frustrated with the label’s marketing plan. Unfortunately, things don’t
go to plan after crowd pushing means Maddie is hurt and Deacon rushes in to
rescue her and take her to the hospital.

Rayna and Teddy go to the hospital and all Rayna’s fury is
directed at her soon-to-be ex-husband, who in fairly assy fashion absolutely
refuses to let Rayna see their wounded daughter after the hospital visit
because it’s ‘his weekend’. Rayna screams at Juliette over the phone and then
persuades Teddy to let her see Maddie, before she gives her daughter her first
guitar, telling her to vent her frustrations in songwriting. Rayna also takes
her wedding ring off in this episode.

Teddy and Coleman are beginning to make a formidable team,
choosing to make the stadium Lamar wanted, but way out of town where it won’t
hurt anybody. They’ve also organized Subway to sponsor it. Lamar is furious but
can’t do anything. Juliette’s losing the plot, rebelling even more without the
guidance of her manager, and refusing to accept wrongdoing in the family sessions
with her mom and Dante, the rehab counsellor. After overhearing her mom having
a heart-to-heart with Dante, Juliette concedes, and asks her mom to come out on
tour with her, as well as paying all the injured childrens’ medical bills from
the gig-gone-wrong.

Gunnar’s trying to deal with the guilt of Jason’s death, and
upon finding out that the police aren’t too interested in investigating the
death of a felon, he takes it upon himself to find out, missing the showcase he
and Scarlett had booked with Rayna, meaning Scarlett, embarrassed, had to perform
alone. Later he turns up drunk and refuses Scarlett’s affection. He tries to go
to a really dangerous bar near where Jason was murdered to find out what went
on, but Scarlett enlists the help of Deacon and they pep-talk him into coming
home. We find out that Deacon made his best friend Vince drive drunk and he
died, prompting Deacon to spiral out of control on drugs and alcohol, and quote
“lose the only women I ever loved” (squee!). Gunnar apologises and after some
silent treatment, the two sleep together again before Scarlett gets a call in
the morning from Bucky, Rayna’s manager, offering her a solo contract.

Avery’s life gets worse after Dominic showcases his new mix
of one of Avery’s tracks, and it’s covered in dubstep. Avery is furious and
burns all the tapes (I think this is pretty inaccurate seeing as everything is
created and stored digitally now but hey), then owns up to it in front of
Dominic and Marilyn. To top it all off, he buys himself out of his contract
with the remainder of his publishing deal advance and hands Dominic back the
keys to the car he gave him, taking off and saying goodbye to his manager and
record deal. We see him perform as a nobody in The Bluebird towards the end of
the episode, a return to a much more grounded and music-orientated Avery.

Episode 16 airs tonight (April 3) on ABC at 10/9c.

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