Much loved country music website The Boot is apparently shutting down

I don't know if this is premature or even true, but Gizmodo is reporting that several AOL-owned music sites are getting ready to shut down, one of which is the much-visited and I assume much-loved The Boot.

AOL Radio's Twitter seemed to confirm the news by tweeting earlier today: "It's a sad day here at @AOL. We'd like to say goodbye to our colleagues at @AOLMusic, @TheBootdotcom, @Noisecreep, @Spinner and @TheBoombox"

I started NashvilleGab back in May (or June, I can't remember) of 2008 and one of the very first websites to link to my newbie site was The Boot. It made me feel like a real big shot and I appreciated it so much. Even on the days, weeks, and months when I've taken a sabbatical and stepped away from NashvilleGab because I was just plain tired, The Boot was still a site I would visit to get my own personal country music fix.  

I will definitely be sad if this news  is true and  The Boot (and Spinner and the other music sites mentioned in the article) do in fact shutter their doors.  

They will be missed.

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