Lee Brice attempts April Fool’s Day prank and fails

Lee Brice

April Fool's Day: Either you love it or you hate it, usually depending on whether you're the giver or the receiver of the pranks.

Apparently, Lee Brice is a giver, although it sounds like not a very good one. 

During a recent interview, Lee told me about an April Fool's joke that fell flat. 

"I texted my manager and my other manager and my booking agent. I told them that I ran into Brad Paisley and he got smart with me out of nowhere, so I told him off. And I told him that I didn't want to go out on tour with him anyway and all this stuff. I just thought they would freak out going, 'What are you doing?!' Of course they were like, 'Whatever dude, you're April Foolin' us!" 

We also talked about pranking Brad on the upcoming tour, wedding planning and music, the Bacon Brothers, Garth Brooks comeback, and his son's name.

Click Here to hear the full interview.

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