Krystal Keith is fearless thanks to her famous father

Krystal keith
Krystal Keith's new self-titled EP (iTunes) was released just last week to rave reviews. To help celebrate, NashvilleGab gal Brittany had the opportunity to ask Krystal a few questions regarding her writing process, touring, and what her famous pop, Toby Keith, taught her.  

1. It must have been amazing for you to grow up with such a great mentor in music, I mean your father has been doing this a long time. What do you think you have learned the most from him, musically?

To be fearless. In the studio for instance, It doesn't hurt to sing something differently than you planned or to play around with a song to see what kind of magic you might be able to make. Some of the coolest characteristics in my songs were purely a feeling of "I think this little ad lib here might be cool" or even a mistake that ended up working really well. And being fearless on stage just gives you a far deeper connection with your fans, I think it just makes you a better performer. 

Which song can you relate to the most?

"What did you think I'd do". I have always been unpredictable and I have
sort of a rebellious streak while at the same time not straying too far from
what's acceptable. It is just a song about a girl with a wild free spirit that
kind of paints her own path and marches to the beat of her own drum and when
people act surprised she's like "Well, what did you expect, it's

Any plans to do some touring soon?

We have been so
focused on getting this EP out that we haven't even looked that far ahead. After
we catch our breath from this release we will dive right into finalizing
decisions and getting the album, Whiskey and Lace, ready to go. I think
once we get through the whirlwind of that, then I'll be able to look toward
planning something and hopefully get back on the road soon.

4. How was the writing process for the EP?

It was really fun. I have always written alone just because I don't live in Nashville and have access to other songwriters all the time. Just in the last couple years I started coming to Nashville and setting up some co-writes and have been so blessed to write with some of the most amazing songwriters in country music. To name a few: Bobby Pinson, Craig Wiseman, Rodney Clawson, Nathan Chapman. It has really helped to round me out as a writer and as an artist. Just having another creative soul to bounce ideas off of really is a pretty incredible gift.

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