Kellie Pickler splits on “Dancing With The Stars”

Kellie Pickler splits
Is anyone else impressed by someone over the age of 25 who can do the splits?

Heck, I don't think I was able to do the splits when I was 5 let alone 25. Then again, maybe I'm just easily impressed. 

The contestants on last night's prom-themed "Dancing With The Stars" shimmy and shook in their best formal wear and Kellie Pickler impressed the judges once again with a lively jive.

You could tell Kellie was nervous about her dance, but ended up with the night's highest score with a 25. 

Unfortunately, Wynonna Judd's samba failed to impress and she scored the evening's low score with a 15.

Check out the two country ladies' prom-themed dances below. 



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