Jimmy Wayne is a baby whisperer


Forget country music, Jimmy Wayne should just hire himself out to keep children entertained. He'd make a fortune.  

The video is from earlier this month and the description says:

Former foster child and Nashville recording artist and dong writer signs Paper Angels to Aden, a former CASA of Natrona County child who now lives in an amazing safe home. Jimmy sang to him the night prior ot CASA of Natrona County's annual Red Wagon Event where Jimmy performed!

And yes, I'm aware the description says dong writer. I know it's a funny typo (probably should have been song), but let's focus on the sweet video, please. 

Come on, focus people!

All kidding aside, I love Jimmy and all the good work that he does. I hope he keeps up the good fight forever. 

To find out more about the wonderful work CASA does, visit their national site at CasaForChildren.org.