In Memory Of MTV’s “Buckwild” Cast Member Shain Gandee

 Shain Gandee, who was the most popular cast member in the hit t.v show "Buckwild" died in a traffic mudding accident on April 1st 2013. It was reported that Shain, his uncle and another young man died due to carbon monoxide poisioning. Apparently Shain's bronco was stuck in mud which caused carbon monoxide to leak into the vehicle. Shain was only twenty one years of age…he was a son,brother,uncle,boyfriend and friend. Alot of people took to the twitter world to tweet their condolences, including celebrities.

Cast member Tyler tweeted, "Help me get #PrayForGandeeFamily trending. One of my best buddies passed. Do it for him."

Stephanie Pratt from MTV's "The Hills" tweeted, "Wow I am so sad to hear about Shain from Buck wild. Sending out love and prayers to his family +friends. Way too tragic"

Kevin Ware who plays for the Louisville Cardinals tweeted, "My thoughts n prayers go out to the cast of #Buckwild and Shains friends n fam..I send my condolences #PrayForGandeeFamily"

Cast Member Ashley tweeted, "Rip Shain Gandee. You are an angel, I know you will watch over me."

As you can see, it's a very sad day for West Virginia. As most of you know I'm from a small town about an hour from Sissionville,WV and one thing about us is that we always persevere. We stick together and we always get past the struggles. Shain was a free spirited, happy and outgoing kid. I would like to send my condolences to his family and friends. Rumor has it that the filming of season 2 will be suspended. I was told by a family member that Shain loved country music and would sing every song on the radio. I would like to dedicate this song in Shain's memory, "When I Get Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley.  


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    I was so sad to hear about shain’s passing. I’m also from West Virginia and yes, we do persevere in times like these. one of the reasons why I love my state.

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