Garth Brooks sued

Garth Brooks is a paranoid, angry, deceitful man? Who knew?

According to TMZ, Garth's former business partner, Lisa Sanderson, is suing Garth, who she worked with for 20 years, claiming that Garth talked her into jump starting his TV and movie career only to ruin everything by making ridiculous demands. She also says Garth pretends to be "a humble and highly principled 'everyman'" — he's actually a "paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime."

Sanderson says she helped Brooks land roles in movies such as "Saving Private Ryan," but refused to take them because "he wanted to be the star and was unwilling to share the limelight with … Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, and Edward Burns." He was also, according to the suit, offered a role as a bad guy in "Twister" but didn't want to play second fiddle to a tornado. 

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Sanderson is suing for $425,000 in unpaid bonuses and salary, as well as punitive damages. So far Garth hasn't responded publicly to the lawsuit.

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