Former Love and Theft singer Brian Bandas has a new look and a new band

The Low Down
Well looky who's back! 

Going through comments this morning, I came across one from a couple of days ago from a reader named Dave Thomas (presumably not the Wendy's founder) that mentioned that former Love and Theft member Brian Bandas, who left the band unexpectedly back at the beginning of 2011, had a new gig. 

Hey everybody- just to let you know, Brian Bandas, formally of Love and Theft, has a new band called "The Low Down" Go to YouTube and search for "Heart Starts to Run" to see his new video or go to"thelowdownmusic" web page. Many Thanks.

I got curious so I went and Googled and sure enough, Bandas has joined a new rock band called The Low Down and their first EP, "Cut Loose," was just released yesterday. 

Brian tells PlanetVerge that he left Love and Theft so that he could follow his passion. 

“I wanted to sweat and bleed over my songs; I wanted to play rock and roll and blues with like-minded musicians,” Bandas says. After a Billboard Top 10 single with Love and Theft’s “Runaway” and tours with  Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean, Bandas had decided that the project just wasn’t him so he went on to part ways with the group.

I needed something that was more driven by my passion,” Bandas shared. He loves Blues music, admiring such luminaries as Son House, Albert King, Robert Johnson, and Muddy Waters. Bandas would soon meet his posse of like-minded rock-and-rollers in guitarist Schylar Shoates, bassist Brandon Onstad, and drummer Will Sanford.

I give Brian credit, it definitely takes a lot of balls to quit a sure thing to follow your heart in search of your passion. Best of luck to him and his new band. 

If you'd like to learn more about The Low Down, you can check them out on their official FacebookTwitter, and YouTube pages.


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