Early Kacey Musgraves recordings released as an EP

Hoping to cash in on Kacey Musgraves' newfound popularity, Austin-based independent record label Triple Play has released a two-song digital EP to iTunes featuring songs Kacey recorded five years ago in 2008.

The EP features Kacey performing acoustic guitar cover versions of the songs See You Again and Apologize, a previously unreleased recording. Fans of Kacey may recognize the songs, both of which were recorded when Kacey first got out of high school, as she sometimes covers them in concert. 

“They’re just acoustic songs, but they showcase Kacey’s developing performing talent, which has now made her famous. She took these songs and made them her own,” says Triple Pop rep, Joseph Mills.

Listen for free to the full stream of Apologize on Soundcloud.

Kacey's just released full length album, "Same Trailer Different Park," was released on March 19 and is currently getting rave reviews. Fans can purchase "Same Trailer Different Park" from iTunes and Amazon


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