Did Miranda Lambert turn down “The Voice?”

Miranda Lambert The Voice

With Blake Shelton being one of the original coaches on "The Voice," the one question a lot of people have is will Miranda Lambert ever join Blake on the show? 

Well turns out that Miranda may have been offered a mentoring position on the show this season but turned it down. 

RadarOnline is reporting that Miranda was offered the position that Sheryl Crow ended up taking as Blake's celebrity mentor this season, but due to her touring schedule she had to turn it down.

"While she had to turn it down because there would have been conflicts with her touring schedule, it still became the cause of a few major arguments between them.

Although it seems like a cut and dry case of Miranda just being too busy, RadarOnline is saying this is more of a case of Miranda getting back at Blake.  

"Miranda had issues with Blake's wandering eye with fellow past contestants on the show, but it was his recent Twitter flirtation with Cady Groves that really got her steaming mad."

"Miranda has been giving him a taste of his own medicine and showing him that two can play at this game. She's been flirting with a few of the single guys on her tour, even their good friend Luke Bryan who's happily married, and it's conveniently gotten back to Blake. Miranda has more to worry about because of Blake's cheating history, but they're both playing games that are just adding more fuel to the divorce rumors."

These two are my couple crush, let's just hope the divorce rumors stay just that, rumors.