Craig Morgan takes a sleigh ride before 200-mile dog sled tour of Arctic Circle (from the mailbag)

Craig Morgan reindeer

American country music star and award-winning TV host Craig Morgan traveled to
Sweden this week to participate in the sixth annual Fjällräven Polar, a
thrilling 200-mile dog sled excursion above the Arctic Circle. The 5-day,
once-in-a-lifetime adventure, is hosted by Swedish outdoor brand, Fjällräven.
Morgan will be among twenty people from ten countries who will participate
in this year's expedition. Upon his arrival, Morgan had the opportunity to visit
the Sami people, the indigenous people of Sweden. He spent the day with a Sami
family, sleigh riding being pulled by a reindeer, followed by coffee in a teepee
where the family shared stories of the history of their people.