Bush Hawg – 10 Random Questions

Bush hawg

Bush Hawg consist of six bad ass band memebers who are newly signed to RCA Records. The band members include: Craig Hand(lead singer.) Shaun Ames (acoustic guitar, banjo & mandolin) Russ Caldwell(lead guitar) Ben Helton(bass/background vocals) Jim Phipps (drums) and Alex Wilshire(rhythm and lead guitar.) Founding members Shaun & Alex started this band about 10 years ago, however, the offical lineup wasn't in place until 2010. I think these guys are extremely talented and their personalities are even better. I was more than excited to have them answer my 10 Random Questions.

1. How long have you been performing together?

 Bush Hawg formed over ten years ago with various different members coming and going. But, we finished the final puzzle pieces to what would be this line-up about 3 1/2 years ago. Been touring non-stop ever since.

2. Who influenced you musically?

Primarily country and rock. Hank Jr, Alice in Chains, Metallica, Waylon, and we're huge Garth Brooks fans. But, the stereo on the bus is likely to crank out any type of music from our i-pods.

3. If you could have any female singer on a song with you, who would you want?

The band collectively, without question… Pink! But, our guitar player Russ…Avril Lavigne!

4. Beer or whiskey?

Beer and Bourbon! One of our sponsors is Evan Williams. As far as beer, you name it, we'll drink it. Who are we kidding, we'd drink snake venom if it was free and gave us a buzz.

5. Who is the comedian of the group?

3-way tie. Brutally honest but funny- Alex. The random one-liners -Russ.

6. Which one of you is the more serious one of the bunch?

2 way tie. Ben is the worry-wart and Shaun's wheels are always turning to the point of distraction.

7. What's the Bush Hawg experience like, for those who haven't seen you live?

two hours of high-energy, in-your-face country music. Come in, enjoy the show, and forget about everything else in your life other than the beer in your right hand and the person you love in your left hand. A Bush Hawg show is a night of pure escape from the daily grind.

8. Do you have a life motto?

Dream big, work hard, persevere and eventually it will pay off. At least that's
what they keep telling us. We're still broke! (laughs)

9. Any new projects in the works for you guys?

COUPLE MONTHS!!!! Can you tell we're excited?! Just finished up our debut CD with producer Michael Knox (produces Jason Aldean among others.) Our full length CD will be released later in the year.

10. What would you like the world to know about Bush Hawg?

That there is an honesty to our music because we've lived, and still live, what we write, play and sing about. We relate to our audiences because we're one of them. That we love what we do… playing good, honest music for good, honest people. And, that we love country music and feel blessed to be a part of the country music family.

You can follow the boys on twitter @bushhawgmusic.  For more country music gossip be sure to follow me @brittwv.