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Luke cry

I will admit that while watching the red carpet show I thought, "This is going to be a disaster" because some of the artist looked tired, or bored. Meanwhile, I sat on my couch with a cold one in  my hand just waiting to see who won New Artist Of The Year. The show opened up with Blake Shelton singing "Boys Round Here" and he had guest such as Sheryl Crow & Pistol Annies on stage with him. Sheryl made that performance awesome! I totally loved  Luke & Blake hosting together and the punch lines were just adorable. "What does Luke's pants and motel 6 have in common? No ball room" joked Blake. However, Luke came back with a pretty good one by saying "So you know what Blake's pants & credit have in common? Nothing up front." I think the ACM's should make that a tradition, they should host until eternity…just sayin.

Another big moment for me is when George Strait and Garth Brooks took the stage to honor Dick Clark. Country music made a come back for a short period of time. I wish it would have lasted longer.

Thompson Square took home the win of Vocal Duo Of The Year, which made me extremely happy. However, Brantley not winning Best New Artist was a total buzz kill, so I put down my beer the rest of the evening. Florida Georgia Line took that one home. I am happy for them, but everyone knows I am a Brantley super fanatic. Miranda Lambert took home a few awards including Song Of The Year & Single Record Of The Year. She was just as humble as ever and she looked amazing.

I also loved seeing LLCoolJ and Stevie Wonder. However, a low point for me was Taylor Swift's dancing and Hunter Haye's singing his new song "I Want Crazy." Shouldn't they be at the MTV awards instead? Oh don't judge me, I'm sure ya'll thought the same thing.

The biggest "Wow" moment for me was Luke Bryan winning Entertainer Of The Year. I was pulling for him and even took a cute picture of my two year old holding a sign that says "Vote For Luke" which probably got him a ton of votes, right? haha! Seeing him cry really brought tears to my eyes and at that moment I was so happy he had won. He is a great performer, I usually see his show once a year and he never let's me down. He always brings it to the fullest. Good job Luke!

Oh, one more thing…Jana Kramer looked amazing. If we all looked as good as Jana, this world would be a much happier place!

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    mark kenote

    I was disapointed the sound production was horrific!!

    dave thomas

    Hey everybody- just to let you know, Brian Bandas, formally of Love and Theft, has a new band called “The Low Down” Go to YouTube and search for “Heart Starts to Run” to see his new video or go to”thelowdownmusic” web page. Many Thanks.

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