99.9 WFRE Winning Wednesday Concert With Jaida Dreyer


Photo: Me & Jaida Dreyer at the 99.9 WFRE Winning Wednesday Concert

On Wednesday April 24th, the H Lounge at the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town, WV was filled with people of all ages awaiting the arrival of the very talented Jaida Dreyer. The local radio station WFRE host a free concert each month which is known as "Winning Wednesday." DJ Don Brake, who was hosting, had alot of fun things going on for the listeners including a raffle for Tim Mcgraw tickets. Jaida was born in Canada, but was raised in a small town in Iowa and from there she traveled around and moved alot. She took the stage looking like she was ready for anything as she introduced herself and her two-man band as "Jaida Dreyer & The Bad Liars." Jaida has this amazing gift of songwriting and got a publishing deal when she was just 19-years-old, so hearing her sing live is something everyone needs to experience. One of the highlights for me was when she sang her recent single "Half Broke Horses" which is a story about her childhood. The song is very powerful and Jaida has a way of taking you to that place of hurt and pain she once felt. Spirits were lifted once she sang "Wildflower" and a few people even got up to dance. Jaida Dreyer is the core definition of real music and it really don't get much better than that. She is packed full of talent and although I was a fan before, seeing her live was the icing on the cake for me. Jaida reminds me of a young Tanya Tucker mixed with a little Jewel. She is unique in her own way and is most certainly in her own lane.

To find out more about Winning Wednesdays please visit www.wfre.com

Also, to learn more about Jaida Dreyer you can check out her website www.jaidadreyer.com


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