Natalie Maines sends a Dear John to country music

Natalie maines
Is there anyone out there still hoping the Dixie Chicks will miraculously go back to being the Dixie Chicks and release new music?

If there are still fans out there holding out hope, I think you might want to find a new favorite girl band with attitude to worship because I don't think the Dixie Chicks will ever get back together in a musical way. 

Hey, the Pistol Annies are currently badass AND they have a new album coming out (Amazon/iTunes). Feel free to worship them. 

Well if you're one of those that still holding onto that last little bit of hope for a Dixie Chicks comeback, you're probably not going to like this. 


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Billy Currington is a terrorist … or something like that



Well this is certainly an unexpected turn of events for country music's most laid back dude.

Yesterday, TMZ broke the news that Billy Currington had taken time away from surfing and harassing sea turtles to allegedly chase down a 70-year-old boat captain who he threatened to f**k up and kill. Now Billy has been charged with making terroristic threats and abuse of an elder person (a felony) and has a bench warrant out for his arrest. 

According to the reports, on Tax Day (April 15th), Billy was chilling at a resort area in Georgia (check it out here) when 70-year-old tour boat captain Charles Ferrelle reportedly passed too close to Billy's dock. According to eye witnesses, an old man on the dock was nearly knocked into the water by the boat's wake.


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