Brad Paisley not one bit sorry about pissing people off

Brad and LLBrad and LL Cool J carpooling, possibly talking about the hornet's nest they stirred – via Brad Paisley's Twitter

Poor Brad Paisley. He's such a likable, friendly, funny, every man sort of man, but yesterday much of the world hated Brad, or at least hated his song Accidental Racist

Brad released the song he cowrote and performed with LL Cool J on Monday ahead of the release of his new album "Wheelhouse" today. That's when, in the words of the always wise Toby Keith, fit's gonna hit the shan — or did hit the shan I should say. 

The world collectively inhaled and a sort of whistling, grunting, angry hiss began. People got offended and people got confused by the song with many calling it the worst song in the history of songs. 

Seems a bit extreme in a world where songs such as Friday and Don't Worry, Be Happy exist, but whatever. 


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