Willie Nelson to team up with Megadeth


It's a known fact that Willie Nelson has collaborated with pretty much anyone ever, but featuring on the new Megadeth track The Blackest Crow may still be something that will come as a surprise.

Dave Mustaine of the group tweeted last night about meeting Willie in a restaurant in Austin, TX, and discussing Willie's guest contribution to a song which will include a slide guitar, something that Dave has apparently been wanting to incorporate into Megadeth's music.

It has not been made official yet, but knowing Willie, anything is possible, and indeed likely.

What do you think of this?

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  1. neil@neil-smith.com'
    Neil Smith

    MEGADETH (not megadeath – my God they’ve been around 30 years!)

  2. Vickye

    Makes no difference how long they’ve been around. Honest mistake, misread the info. Not everyone listens to metal.

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