Where’s Shawna’s wedding ring?

This is a little odd. Back in January, Shawna from Thompson Square was photographed sans wedding ring. As far as we know, her and Keifer remain happily married. When I asked her why she didn't wear it, I didn't quite get the answer I thought I'd get.

Broadway: Shawna, this question is for you: Is there a reason why you wouldn’t wear your wedding ring during a show? I saw a story on a blog…according to the blog you guys were done, and you were getting a divorce because you weren’t wearing your ring.

Keifer: Are you serious?

Broadway: Yeah.

Shawna: Wow, that’s interesting.

Shawna: I never take my wedding ring off…like ever. And Keifer, actually, he’s scared for me to wear it on stage because we kind of touch people’s hands as we’re running down the stage and he’s afraid that somebody’s gonna grab it one night.

Cory: Interesting.

S: But I always wear it.

S & K: Yeah, that’s weird.

Perhaps a lapse in memory? Because as you can see clearly see in the picture below, she's not wearing it.


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