The Band Perry Are Not ‘Done’ With Sassy – Review


Surrounding their debut album, my view of The Band Perry was
that of sweet, but boring. There’s nothing really else I could have said, until they released ‘Better Dig Two’,
and suddenly my ears pricked up. ‘Done’ continues where ‘Better Dig Two’ left
off, a feisty, sassy, angry rant at a terrible boyfriend, now ex. It sounds
like the kind of thing Taylor Swift should have gone on to do where instead she
went to record Fearless.

Here rhythm is the predominating force, the punchy guitars
jumping in and out of Kimberly Perry’s expertly-articulated vocals, that
positively bounce. The lyrical
phrasing is a key contributor to this, and the chorus in particular showcases
the dynamic interplay of rhythms. “Mama always told me that I should play nice,
she didn’t know you when she gave me that advice, I’m through with you” is the
section I’m talking about here. Clearly a lot of work has gone into making it
perfect, and it pays off.

I had to listen carefully, but there does seem to be both a
banjo and a fiddle. However, they’re very low in the mix, and perhaps they
could have been brought out more to reassure us TBP are not going to slyly
migrate over to pop radio (although I could see this being moderately successful
in the format). The song still works as it is despite this, and as I look out
my window and see the sun glowing on the tarmac, I realize how appropriate this
song is as we move into Spring/Summer. We need something that will kick us in
the shins and pour tequila down our throats and by that token ‘Done’ doesn’t
disappoint. Perhaps the fiddle solo is more ‘metal’ than was required, but the desired effect is achieved
and this will certainly stand out amongst its competitors for the biggest
summer tune.

The break-up lyrics, instead of looking back on a
relationship that has already ended and feeling bitter, orchestrates the exact
moment the narrator is dumping the boyfriend. This makes for the angry,
frustrated pent-up of emotions characteristic of this situation, and is very
visual, especially with Kimberly’s fantastic grunts and final ‘UGH’, during
which the music completely stops to allow maximum impact, before kicking in
again. It’s very easy to imagine the video for such a song, and this final
play-out provides a mental montage of Kimberly strutting away from her horrible
ex in true scorned five-inch-heels style. I’ll be honest and say I don’t think
it would work without everything she brings to the song, the sheer attitude
really putting across its meaning and forcing you to feel the same way.

I for one am loving this heavier, darker, and sassier side
to The Band Perry, and Kimberly certainly seems to have come out of her shell
for it. And do you know what, she looks damn good on it.

Album ‘Pioneer’ drops April 2. Pre-order it on Amazon here,
iTunes pre-order to come soon. You can listen to ‘Done’ here:


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  1. Neil Perry

    It is a fiddle solo. 🙂 -np #Pioneer

  2. Vickye

    Thanks! I’ll go in and edit that. Hard to tell sometimes!
    Are you trying to tell me you’re THE Neil Perry? ;P

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