Shop owner files police report against Miranda Lambert … apparently didn’t get memo that she’s a badass

Miranda lambert
Violence is never the answer to anything … however, being threatened with violence by Miranda Lambert is for some reason charming and par for the course to me. 

Shop owner Melanie Peden, who owns a store in Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's hometown of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, apparently doesn't feel the same way as I do, however, since she's gotten the police involved after she says Miranda went crazy in her shop.    

Peden says that on March 5, Miranda came into her store and had a foul-mouthed meltdown after she was accused of "stealing" her property. It's unclear just who "her" is so I'm not sure if Miranda was accusing Melanie of stealing or Melanie was accusing Miranda.

In any case, Melanie says Miranda "had a complete meltdown and threatened to 'punch me in the mouth' if I kept talking," Peden tells the National Enquirer.

Peden continues, "I was stunned and a little bit scared too, because she was growling and yelling at me like a crazy lady. She's got a real anger problem and needs help. But I stood my ground and asked her to leave my store."

The most interesting part of the story is that Peden's shop is just a few doors down from Miranda's Pink Pistol boutique. Talk about having trouble with the neighbors. 

Peden filed a police report against Lambert the following day, although it's not clear if the police are pursuing the accusations. 


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