‘Nashville’, Episode 14 – RECAP


This episode Juliette decides to plan a birthday party for
Deacon, particularly after she hears that he prefers not to celebrate them, and
instead sit at home and watch Old Yeller every year. Huge numbers of people in
the industry decide to turn out for the event at the Bluebird, including Pam
Tillis and Vince Gill, and Juliette enlists the help of Scarlett to get Deacon
to the venue under false pretences. However, this isn’t all that’s on Juliette’s
plate, as Jolene has moved in with her, and her recovery counsellor, Donate, is
hanging around a lot and asking Juliette to get involved. Juliette is more
interested in planning the party for Deacon.

Meanwhile Rayna is back at home for a month (Teddy seems to
have moved out) and she hopes to have some time to get herself together before
the press find out that Teddy has filed for divorce. However, it’s made its way
into a trashy magazine and everyone knows, including the false information that
Rayna has been having an affair with both Deacon and Liam. Maddie doesn’t quite
believe her mom and neither do the press, photographers hounding Rayna and her
family everywhere. Tandy redeems herself as a character in this episode, as
soon as Rayna tells her of the divorce she comes with her sister everywhere she
goes, and generally looks after her. She wants to hole up at home and write
until everything passes over, but is furious when she finds out that Teddy has
employed Peggy Kenter as his financial consultant, in order to mask their
affair. Lamar tries to push his suggestions of Deputy Mayor on Teddy, who
refuses them, and in a twist offers it to Coleman, who accepts.

In another bid of redeeming character, Lamar comes to speak
to Rayna and offers his support and apologies for putting Teddy in the position
of Mayor. Rayna had originally intended not to go to Deacon’s party but ends up
going in defiance, and performs the song she has written. She talks to Deacon
after the party and they seem to clear things up, although it’s not clear
whether Rayna intends to chase Deacon after she becomes officially divorced. Juliette
was originally meant to perform at the party instead, but after someone gives
her mom champagne Juliette volunteers to take her home. She engages in a deep
conversation with Donate about her 9th birthday, which her mom had
cancelled because she’d spent all the money on drugs. She’d passed out with a
cigarette still lit and setting the carpet on fire, and Juliette says that for
a minute she was tempted to let her mom die. It seems like she’s now ready to
accept the help Donate is trying to give.

Jason is still staying with Gunnar and Scarlett, but when
the two discover Jason still has a gun with his things, Gunnar goes to confront
Jason and throws his gun into the river, to Jason’s dismay. Despite his brother’s
pleas, Gunnar wants nothing more to do with him. However, after Gunnar and
Scarlett play at Deacon’s party, Gunnar is approached by police and taken away,
only to be presented with Jason’s dead body in order to identify him. It
transpires that the enemies he had made in prison had beaten him to death, with
nothing to defend himself. Gunnar is beyond devastated at his hand in it, but
when Scarlett tries to comfort him they end up making out (yeah, it doesn’t
quite make sense to me either).

Avery is still having a hard time getting used to his ‘new
sound’ and after a conversation with Watty White in a guitar store Avery
appears to decide to do things his own way, although it’s really cryptic and
could be going either way. He also comes by the Bluebird for open mic night and
sees Scarlett and Gunnar playing the private event, realizing what he’s lost.

Episode 15 airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC. EDIT: Okay, so it turns out for some crazy reason Nashville isn't back on until March 27… it blows my mind how they think the ratings will recover from that. They have had so many breaks. But hey, on the day I'll repost this, for a good ole recap. See you then.

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