Kenny Chesney shows Newtown victims some love

My radio buddy (and sometimes NashvilleGab helper), Broadway, sent me this story yesterday that tells of a nice deed Kenny Chesney recently did after learning about one little girl who died during the Sandy Hook shootings back in December. 

Kenny Chesney got a call one night from pal Anderson Cooper telling him about one of the Newtown shooting victims, a little girl who LOVED Kenny and his music. Anderson had just interviewed her parents and they told him that before they lowered her white casket into the ground, they took a black Sharpie marker and wrote on it, “Kenny Chesney, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems”. 

Anderson asked Kenny if he could call the parents and talk to them. Kenny did one better. He called and talked to them but also invited them, along with several other families, to his Mohegan Sun shows.  He met privately with them, heard their stories, and came away with this token:

Kenny Chesney Sandy Hook