Kellie Pickler Cha Chas her way into America’s cold, dead hearts

Kellie dwts
Holy Swizzle Stick!  Did you guys watch tonight's "Dancing With The Stars" premiere? 

I didn't, but thanks to YouTube I didn't need to. Check out the video below. 

I have to say that Kellie Pickler was absolutely stunning. She looked like a professional dancer from her pixie hair to her well-rehearsed moves. Awesome with a capital K-E-L-L-I-E! 

The funny thing is, Kellie recently said that she didn't really have high hopes for her dancing ability. 

“I hope people don’t have too high of expectations for me, because I’m not a dancer,” Pickler says, further explaining her trepidations. “Derek is going to do the best that he can teaching me as much as he can in that short time period. So I’m not worried about him, I’m worried about me! I’m stepping outside my comfort zone.”

I've looked for video of Wynonna's debut, but so far nothing's popped up. 

UPDATE: Wynonna scored an 18 while Kellie scored a 21.