Does Reba McEntire believe Blake Shelton cheated?

Reba called my show last week to plug Malibu Country and Blake's guest appearance, so I figured what better time to ask her about the rumor that circulated last week?

"You know what? If I was married to Miranda Lambert, that'd be the last thing that would be on my mind. Because that woman, she's fierce. I wouldn't want her on my bad side."

Reba also talked about Blake's possible spinoff, Malibu Country's chance of a second season, new music, and eating bull balls. Click Here for the full interview

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    How tacky! Did ya even read the article? He did NOT cheat. The headline was misleading. Have ya seen them lately on tour or at the CRS they are very happy. I’m guessing that would NOT be the case if that happened. Also did you notice that no real magazines or TV even picked up the story- just stupid blogs and radio DJs, some of whom have been waiting to get a dig on Shelton.

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