Do Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert engage in phone coitus?

Blake and miranda
Blake has been making the media rounds all week, plugging his new album which has been getting rave reviews (especially from our very own Vickye.) I was part of the rounds on Tuesday so, as always, I whipped out the hard hitting questions.

Broadway: So you’re gone a lot. Miranda’s gone a lot. Do you guys ever engage in the phone coitus?

Cory: Oh my god!

Blake: Is that like the FaceTime thing? Or are you just talking about normal phone sex?

Broadway: Either. How do you guys, you know, keep it interesting, keep it fresh?

Blake: I just thought of something… now that’s an actual good use for Skyping. Now, now we’ve got a reason to use that.

Cory: There you go. The feature on the phone just became purposeful.

Blake: That’s right. Okay, maybe we will. Does that answer your question? Now because of you, you’ve changed the way we approach each other in intimate ways.

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