Chart Roundup – Week of March 9th, 2013


Blake Shelton’s ‘Sure
Be Cool If You Did’, has become his 8th consecutive #1 song
of this week on Hot Country Songs, and his 13th overall, also
hitting #1 on Country Digital Songs. On Country Airplay it trails at #7, but is
up 3 places from last week, with only 4 weeks until his upcoming album ‘Based
On A True Story’ will enter the chart. Hunter
Hayes is down
from Blake’s surge, to #2 on both Hot Country Songs and
Country Digital Songs, with ‘Somebody’s Heartbreak’, his current single, slowing
making its way up Country Airplay to #8 this week and #10 on Hot Country Songs.
Overall his self-titled album drops to #4.

The Band Perry are
still riding high
, with ‘Better Dig Two’ remaining at #3 on Hot Country
Songs, rising to #3 on Country Digital Songs, but being knocked off the top
spot on Country Airplay by Tim McGraw’s ‘One Of Those Nights’ being spurned on
by the success of his new album, ‘Two Lanes Of Freedom’. The Band Perry’s new
single ‘Done’ was only released to radio last week, and thus has yet to impact
the charts, but the impending release of their sophomore album ‘Pioneer’ on
April 2 will certainly produce momentum for the group. When it comes to Tim
McGraw, who topped TBP at radio, for a seasoned artist in his mid-40s he’s
certainly not letting it stand in his way. As well as his 33rd Country Airplay #1, He’s back up to #4 on Hot
Country Songs, at #6 on Country Digital Songs, and holding on to the #2 spot on
Top Country Albums.

Lady Antebellum’s ‘Downtown’
is creeping up the radar
during their 3rd week on the chart with
a #4 spot on Country Digital Songs, up to #9 on Hot Country Songs, and #12 on
Country Airplay. Their new album ‘Golden’ will be released May 7, so still time
for ‘Downtown’ to dominate the charts before the new record drops. Carrie Underwood hasn’t been so lucky,
as the rise on the charts she experienced last week possibly due to the new
inclusion of YouTube streams has tailed off a little, meaning ‘Two Black
Cadillacs’ is down to #5 on Hot Country Songs and Country Digital Songs,
although it’s up two places to #6 on Country Airplay. The album, ‘Blown Away’
is down to #7, the title track dropping 11 places on Hot Country Songs to #21,
and 7 places to #12 on Country Digital Songs.

It’s been a mixed bag
for Taylor Swift too
. With ‘Begin Again’ up at #3 on Country Airplay this
week after accusations flying of the label using payola to push a single many
argue is past its peak, it falls to #16 on Hot Country Songs and leaves the
Country Digital Songs chart altogether. Meanwhile the previous single ‘We Are
Never Ever Getting Back Together’ is persevering at #11 on Country Digital
Songs and #12 on Hot Country Songs. Other
tracks holding mid-top 10 places
across the charts are Little Big Town’s ‘Tornado’
(#6 on Hot Country Songs), Florida Georgia Line’s ‘Cruise’ (#7 on Hot Country
Songs) and Gary Allan’s ‘Every Storm’ (#8 on Hot Country Songs). Florida
Georgia Line’s new single ‘Get Your Shine On’ is also doing well after a video
was released (#9 on Country Digital Songs), with their album at #3, while
Miranda Lambert’s ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ and Lee Brice’s ‘I Drive Your Truck’
appear to be on the cusp of hitting it big.

Honorable mentions
go to Kenny Chesney, Kacey Musgraves, Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean, and Eric
Church is back in the top 10 again with his long-staying award-winning album ‘Chief’, in its 83rd
week. The just-released 5th single from the album ‘Like Jesus Does’
leapfrogs 9 places to #24 on Country Digital Songs this week.

Tune in next week for a new chart roundup.

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