Ashley Monroe’s ‘Like A Rose’ Makes For A Visually Appealing Video – Review


The video for Ashley Monroe’s ‘Like A Rose’ has been a long
time coming. The single originally turned up on YouTube on November 1st,
2012, but it wasn’t until 4 months later that the video was released, and I was
starting to think with the imminent release of Ashley’s album of the same name,
that they’d forgotten about providing visual accompaniment for the video.

I was wrong, and I’m glad. It’s not my preferred style of
video, I usually like the more plot-driven narratives, but they’ve clearly put
a lot of time and effort into visual aesthetics; it just looks pretty. The
video is made up of 101 shots of Ashley in various outfits, places, and doing
different things, ranging from staring out the window of a traveling bus,
sitting on the front porch, playing guitar, swinging back and forth on a swing
(indoors, strangely), and throwing rose petals everywhere. You can tell that
expensive equipment has been used in order to put across the ‘arty’ ethos, that
is evident in some of the blurry shots, strange angles (deliberately ‘amateur’
real-life style), and playing around with zoom and foreground/background focus.
Outfit-wise there’s plenty of reds, pinks and general pastels (the rose theme),
and chiffon (who doesn’t like to look at chiffon? Maybe just me). It’s gentle,
slow-moving and feminine, sort of building upon the idea of Ashley traveling on
the bus to a certain anonymous destination with her guitar.

This is the best stab at a plot that we have, vaguely aiming
to satisfy the journey of the song whilst remaining pretty ambiguous. It’s
certainly different to the rest of mainstream country videos at the moment, and
encourages a serene frame of mind, but other than that there’s not a lot I can
say. I’m interested to see what other kind of videos Ashley comes up with for
new singles in the future, as this one didn’t quite satisfy my appetite, but
equally the song is one which is probably difficult to direct a music video

Hopefully now she’s finally released the album, we can
expect the announcement of a new single from Ashley in the coming weeks.

You can watch the video for ‘Like A Rose’ here:


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