Miranda Lambert Gets Self-Destructive In ‘Mama’s Broken Heart’ – Video Review


This video is built upon the very simple premise of ‘pretty
rich woman goes mental whilst trying to retain her dignity’. It’s one bound for
success; how many network dramas show us rich people’s lives falling apart? We
love to see behind the oh-so-perfect mask. That’s exactly what this video does,
and is some of Miranda’s best work. From the 60s beehive hairdo and eyeliner
flick, to the well-to-do Southern housewife outfits, you could mistake this
video for being about high society, if you didn’t already know the content of
the song.

However, interspersed with the nature of glamour and
fabulous are the snappy shots of a heartbreak as a make-up smudged, messed-up
hair, snarling Miranda enacts the lyrics as they appear in the song. We watch
the transformation of her into a sexy lace basque and trying to keep it
together while she necks whiskey in her pristine bedroom. In addition, from the
second verse onwards we have shots of Miranda lying in a bath (more gorgeous
clothes) and smoking, as well as a dinnertable scene, stabbing her food to
death with a hysterical crazy expression on her face. The gusto she puts into
the emotion and crazy-woman anger of the whole video is fantastic, and her best
acting on screen to date. The editing is also flawless, with plenty of quick
shots that match the rhythm of the song, showing you the schizophrenic nature
of this character, and the differences between what she is attempting to
project to the world, and what she is feeling inside. It’s an interesting
character study apart from anything else, and gives us a juicy reminder that
those perfect rich people we so envy, are, somewhat satisfyingly, going insane
inside their little world (maybe that’s just me loving that?).


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