Could you bring yourself to cut into Willie Nelson’s yummy, yummy head?

Willie Nelson cake
I've mentioned my love of Reddit before

This photo of a finely crafted (and hella creepy – honestly, could you cut into that without feeling a little weird?) Willie Nelson cake a Redditor's baker sister created is one of the reasons why. 

Seriously, where else are you gonna find out this sort of thing exists?

I just wish I knew if the baker of this cake had a store or what because she definitely deserves loads of publicity for this. 


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  1. Random

    Her name is Natalie Elliott


    I am the person who posted this picture on Reddit. I have been trying desperately to get my sister noticed for this, but I’d rather not mention her name. However, she works at a company called Polkadot cupcake factory in Austin, Texas.

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