Trekkie’s: Brad Paisley wants you to calm down

My co-host is a huge Star Trek fan, as is Brad Paisley. The trailer for the new film aired during the Super Bowl…and I was left out of the conversation. Brad did have a message for those of you who are beyond infatuated with the franchise.

CM=Cory Myers
BP=Brad Paisley

CM: Are you raising your boys to be Star Trek fans like you are?

BP: Ya know it’s interesting; they’ve gotten to know William Shatner
really well. He’s been out here a lot to the house and they’ve been to
his house, and they’ve played. He’s one of those guys that will get down
on the floor with your kids…and they know who he is. They’ve watched a
little bit. My father’s done a better job than me. My dad will call up
old Star Trek stuff on YouTube and show these guys. They can’t see the
resemblance though, that’s what’s funny. They see Bill now and they’re
like, “there’s no way that’s him.” It’s like, no that’s him, that was
him, back then.


CM: From one Star Trek geek
to another: thank you for making us seem cool, because you saying that
you’re a Star Trek fan makes us just seem slightly more cool. I want to
know if you saw the trailer for the new movie during the Super Bowl, and
what did you think about it?

BP: Yeah, I think it looks great.
I mean, there’s so little you can tell from the movie trailer. I love
to read the geeky comments online that are like, “I hope they haven’t
abandoned the entire subplot of the way that the Enterprise is supposed
to travel the galaxy.” You know what I’m saying? As opposed to, “It
seems to me they’ve gone for all action.” It’s like come on, it’s just a
trailer. The whole movie’s not going to be like the trailer. But, I’m
friends with Zach Quinto, who plays Spock in the new movies and he says
it’s insane. He says it’s really going to be something else.

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