The Mindy McCready Drama Unfolds…


informed you
of the investigation potentially enquiring whether Mindy
McCready murdered her boyfriend, David Wilson, it seems everything has gotten a
whole lot sadder. It
was announced yesterday
that Mindy’s two children, aged 6 years and 9
months old, were taken into care by Arkansas authorities, with today it
emerging on The
that Mindy has been committed to a mental health facility by a judge
for 21 days, following a hearing. An ‘insider’ claims she has also not stopped
drinking since the passing of her boyfriend, as she is struggling to cope with
the loss. With Mindy’s tainted history, it’s sad but unsurprising to hear.

results are yet to surface to determine whether Wilson’s death was a suicide or
not (as originally stated). It’s all very sad, and I send my best wishes to
everyone involved and hope they get things sorted.

what do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments.

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    It’s just sad all the way around. Sad that a man has died in what was apparently a needless death. Sad that two children have had their lives disrupted. Sad that such a talented person seems unable to make the decisions that are in her best interest and the best interest of her children. Four lives impacted, one of which will never see normal days again. Three lives for which there is still hope, but…


    Just wish this woman could get her life pulled together. So sad especially for the kids involved.

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