Taylor Swift sued by a Hoe … Down that is

Well here's a crappy way to start out the week, at least for Taylor Swift. 

TMZ is reporting that a ticket company has filed a lawsuit in federal court in New York against Taylor Swift for $1.8 million. 

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift was paid $2.5 million upfront to perform at last summer's doomed Capital Hoedown in Ottawa, Canada. Unfortunately, the Hoedown was canceled and the company handling tickets had to refund $1.8 million to fans who had purchased tickets. Now the ticket company wants to get that $1.8 million back from Taylor Swift since she didn't actually end up performing. 

Taylor's rep says Taylor never had any dealings with the ticket company and hasn't seen the lawsuit yet so they're not ready to comment, but I somehow doubt Taylor'll be sending the ticket company $1.8 million anytime soon.

No word if the ticket company will be suing any of the other big names who were also supposed to take part in the Hoedown.