Taylor Swift strips for the Brit Awards


Taylor Swift performed at Wednesday's Brit Awards and dazzled as the virginal stripper we all knew she had in her. 

Taylor and her ex Harry Styles were both in attendance at the Brits, the British equivalent of the Grammys, and so Taylor decided to show Mr. One Direction what he's been missing. 

Word on the street is that Harry spent his recent birthday in the company of strippers, so Taylor decided to do a little stripping of her own. On stage while singing I Knew You Were Trouble, Taylor went from sporting a lovely wedding dress-esque outfit with strange victorian princess hips to black leather and lace in the blink of an eye. 

It's a great performance. Check it out after the jump …


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  1. Planmymistake

    It was all a bit horrible, a bit embarrassing. She’s not a natural dancer and she’s not ‘sexy’ where moves like that would work. She needs more curves to pull it off. Plus 18 months ago she was still dressing like a 15-year-old girl, changing too quickly. It’s weird.

  2. cowboy8fan@hotmail.com'

    What’s it gonna take for this girl not to be associated with country musice anymore? Country music is like one of her ex boyfriends. She’ll continue to use it when she can profit from it, but she is never, ever, ever, never gonna get back together. Have some pride Country Music World…let the chick go!

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