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Westin Davis is just a Florida boy at heart but six years ago he packed up and headed to Nashville, TN where he started writing with his best friend Kip Moore. They had big dreams that their songs would be heard and it wasn't a matter of "IF" but "When." I think both Kip & Westin have this arrogance about them that is intriging. I remember a few weeks ago when I saw Kip in concert, I took my mom along even though she had no clue who was performing. After Kip's set she leaned over and said "He is cocky aint he" and we just laughed. It's no surprise Westin & Kip are good buddies, they really do have the same swagg going on.  Westin also started writing with his good friend Kiefer Thompson, who sings in the duo Thompson Square. It wasn't long before Westin had a publishing deal with Magic Mustang Music. Westin's passion for music is amazing and he is extremely talented. Kiefer Thompson seems to agree, "I've been writing with Westin for several years now and I can honestly say that I've never met anyone else who does it quite like him." Kiefer also says Westin is at the top of his go to list "I've developed a small list of friends/writers that I pretty much stick to for all my co-writes and I'm proud to say that Westin is right at the top of that list."  I decided to find out more about this bad ass song writer, Westin was totally down for answering my 10 Random Questions.

1. Who were your influences growing up?

Anything that made me feel something, from Ronnie Van Zant, Hank Williams JR to sunday morning hymms

2. What artists do you currently listen to? Past or present?

Who I listen to always depends on what I am going through at the time. Right now it's Mark Chesnut "I'll Think Of Something"

3. Do you have any pet peeves?


4. Favorite vacation place?

Fernandina Beach FL, my hometown

5. Beer or whiskey?


6. Tell me about all your tattoos?

These aren't tattoos, they're scars. Both good and bad.

7. Favorite hip hop artist?

Outkast…Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik is one of my favorite records.

8. One thing you can't live without?

The ocean

9. Do you have a life motto?

Believe in yourself

10. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out as a songwriter?

Do something else, go to college haha. I would say to them you have to love it. Forget about the critics and the cynics. Forget about the money. Study and have respect for the craft. Always believe.

You can check out Westin Davis via facebook


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    Brehan and Jesse Kelley

    Congratulations Westin!! We love you and we are so proud of you!!!

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