‘Nashville’, Episode 13 – RECAP


Rayna falls apart a bit this week, after Teddy’s announcing
that he wants a divorce. She is terrified of telling her daughters in the
knowledge that it’ll ruin their childhoods. Struggling to keep going with the
tour, it just so happens that Liam is staying in the same hotel, and during a
post-show party he turns up to he shows his concern for Rayna. He offers to
help her forget her troubles and so Rayna goes off to a bar with him to get drunk
and dance. A few shots down the line she spills all the things that are going
on in her life, and after being spotted by a couple of elderly fans they decide
to go back to the hotel. Liam kisses her outside his hotel room and even though
Rayna stops it and freaks out at her cheating, Liam persuades her it’s okay.
She follows him inside his room, clearly under the knowledge they’ll sleep
together and she appears very nervous at commiting adultery. Heading to the
bathroom, she ends up crying, and when Liam goes looking for her they sit down
and have a heart to heart. It doesn’t seem like they sleep together, but when
the next morning comes and Rayna is hungover, Deacon spots them in the hotel
lobby chatting and giggling together and, expecting the worst, he snaps at her
getting into the tour bus, clearly feeling betrayed after his kiss with Rayna
in the previous episode.

Deacon is also having to deal with Juliette drama for this
episode, as her clashes in ideas about the direction of her career with her
manager is having wider implications for her touring band. She takes the
decision to make some changes to the tour halfway through (in line with her new
more ‘authentic’ sound), and notifies her band and dancers without checking it
with her manager first. He panics, concerned with Juliette’s ‘brand’ and in private
tells Juliette’s crew to ignore the ascribed changes and from now on all
decisions go through him. Deacon then lets slip to Juliette on a late-night
songwriting session that her manager may have been going behind Juliette’s back
and, in a rage, she wakes everyone up to scream at them that she’s in charge.
Her manager, who has been struggling with the father-like issues of not wanting
Juliette to grow up and take control, has had enough and quits, and a later elevator
conversation between Deacon and Juliette shows Deacon’s disapproval of the way
she behaved. Juliette then decides it’s best to have her mother living with her
when she gets out of rehab, instead of re-housing her far away, wanting to be
close to someone again and perhaps to replace the figure of her manager.

Scarlett and Gunnar are getting ever cuter and funnier with
their banter by the episode, as they find out Rayna wants to sign them as the
first acts on her new label. However, the news is punctuated with Gunnar’s
brother coming back, needing someplace to stay for a bit. Scarlett is totally
against harboring a fugitive, but eventually Gunnar persuades her to let him
stay for one night. After initially avoiding him, the following morning
Scarlett gets to see some of the caring side of Jason, and she loosens up a
little as she and Gunnar practise a new song to play to Rayna during their
meeting. Jason, a decent musician himself, joins in and they all seem pretty in
awe of the musical chemistry that has gone down.

In addition, Teddy is continuing to see Peggy and is warned
from doing so by Tandy, but that doesn’t stop him from conducting a loving
phonecall to Peggy that is eavesdropped upon by Maddie. She then tells her mother
about it when she and Daphne find out about the divorce.

Avery is struggling with a lack of money and hates the musical
direction Dominic is taking his album in. He vents his frustrations to Marilyn,
who tells him to bide his time, but the publishing company that houses Scarlett
and Gunnar is also interested in signing up Avery. Haleigh is the one who goes
to convince Avery, and she tempts him with a monetary advance that he could use
to get himself out of crappy motels. He signs against the advice of Marilyn,
and ends the episode with a check for $100,000, looking quite bewildered as his
life is about to change.

Tune in to episode 14 tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

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