‘Nashville’, Episode 11 – RECAP


Excited for Nashville tonight? If you haven’t seen the promo
for episode 12 that we’ve waited 2 weeks for, check it out here (it’s
gonna be a huge one!). This is what happened in episode 11.

The episode launches in with the incredible yet unexpected
sexual tension of Rayna and Liam and Juliette getting annoyed at them for going
off into their own little world on stage and ignoring her during performances
(plus some fiery intimate moments off-stage!). In addition, Calista, the entrepreneurial
head of her own label, approaches Rayna and wants to sign her, putting in a
visit to Rayna’s home in Nashville and pushing the flexibility and creativity
and freedom Rayna would enjoy at a new label. Rayna almost considers it, until
it is revealed at Edge Hill’s party to celebrate ‘Wrong Song’ hitting number 1
that Liam, who is already signed to Calista as a producer, would enjoy
significant benefits from getting Rayna on board too, and that’s why he’s been
pushing it as best for her. Rayna is furious and ends their partnership, livid
at the accurate insinuation that they were more than just business
partners/friends. Teddy sees the argument ensue and questions Rayna of any
extra-marital goings-on while she’s on tour, considering the failing state of
their marriage that they have discussed earlier in the episode. Rayna is upset
because she has insisted they are trying to fix things, not headed for divorce,
and assures Teddy nothing will happen.

Meanwhile, there’s some really juicy tension and banter
between Rayna and Juliette, that is really adding to the show’s appeal. Juliette
is furious because Rayna is getting far more attention and credit for writing
Wrong Song. She is also caught up with her mother’s impending hearing, but with
the slanderous magazine publication of Deacon supposedly falling off the wagon,
he feels it is not appropriate that he speak for Jolene at the hearing.
Therefore he asks Juliette to do it, to speak from the heart, but she cannot
manage more than the very basic facts of her mother being addicted to drugs for
many years. As a result Jolene is told to finish rehab and there’ll be another
hearing, but with a free day out of rehab Deacon persuades Juliette to allow
her mother to come with him as his date to Edge Hill’s party. At the party,
Jolene seems so much more sober and normal, but her talking to people and
taking food from waiters’ platters angers Juliette, who is intent on keeping
her out of ‘trouble’.

Deacon has decided to come off the road for a while, and is
selling his house. Rayna goes to see him because she’s worried about him, but
Deacon wants nothing to do with her, another tearful argument ensuing about the
past and Rayna marrying Teddy while Deacon was in rehab. It’s suspected at this
point that Rayna married Teddy because she was pregnant with Maddie and wanted
some security in life to raise her daughter.

While at the party, Juliette realizes Deacon hasn’t turned
up so she beats down his house and tries to knock some sense into him. He hasn’t
had a drink but he seems in some kind of downward spiral. Deacon convinces
Juliette that Jolene is doing good, in fact a lot better than him, causing
Juliette to go back home and have a heart to heart with her mom. She tells her
she is really proud of her for doing so well in rehab, and Jolene returns the
sentiment about her daughter achieving so much in life, causing Juliette to
cry. It looks like things have been smoothed over.

At the end of the episode, as Juliette and Rayna are
preparing to fly out to the next tour date, we see Deacon running out to catch
the plane, and it is revealed he is Juliette’s new guitar player, throwing
everyone else into shock and giving Teddy a complete sense of foreboding about
his wife’s potential cheating on the road.

Gunnar is missing his Gibson (which his brother pawned) whilst
he and Scarlett are writing songs. Scarlett suggests that they perform their
songs themselves instead of waiting for on hold songs to get cut. Gunnar seems
unsure. Scarlett finds out Avery is playing Winterfest, and goes along to watch
it. Not enjoying it, she turns around to leave and discovers JT there as well.
They talk and JT proposes that both Scarlett and Gunnar join them, playing the
songs they have written. It seems a perfect scenario, but when Scarlett tries
to run it by Gunnar, he has just received a phonecall from a detective asking
about the whereabouts of his brother, as he never made it to his halfway house.
Gunnar is wound up and shouts at her for suggesting playing with the band,
although he tries to run after her when she leaves upset. Then he finds out his
brother left his Gibson at the Bluebird for him, and he relaxes that he’s okay
out there. Scarlett goes to JT and the band to tell them to bad news but Gunnar
is already there, ready to jam.

Avery is being even more insufferable, causing diva problems
for Marilyn who is trying to reign him in, but he just wants to be the star.
She wants him to go to the Edge Hill party and network, but Avery doesn’t see
why. When they arrive, he just wants to talk to Juliette and not meet any
A&R staff, and to viewers’ amusement Juliette totally rejects him. Later
on, he is driving his new car around town and goes past his old band’s house,
only to discover Gunnar and Scarlett jamming with them and sounding amazing.
Disturbed, he drives on.

Phew, that was a lot! It seems like they were tying up
storylines in this episode a little, although if the promo is anything to go
by, it’s all just beginning! Watch the brand new explosive episode tonight on
ABC at 10/9c.

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