Mindy McCready’s touching last song was almost Carrie Underwood’s

Many artists have that one song that they will always be remembered for more than the others. Kenny Rogers has The Gambler (as well as so many others), Taylor Swift has Tim McGraw, Tim McGraw has Indian Outlaw. Mindy McCready of course has Ten Thousand Angels, but since her death she's now being associated with the song she recorded not long before her death, I'll See You Yesterday, a song she recorded in hopes it would help people dealing with a suicide in their lives.

Now it's come to light, though, that it was actually Carrie Underwood who had first dibs at the song. 

The song's writer, Courtney Dashe, spoke with RumorFix and explained how Mindy ended up with the song. 

“Carrie had the song ‘on hold,’ which means she liked it and was thinking about recording it.”

Then the songwriter met Mindy at a writer’s night in Nashville a few years ago. Courtney shares, “After the show, she came up to me with tears running down her face. She said something to the effect of, ‘Your song, ‘I’ll See You Yesterday,’ I have to record that song. That’s about my life … what’s going on with that song? I have to record it.’”

Mindy’s longtime producer, Eric Shawn Carnes tells RumorFix, “The song spoke to her. It was a lot of what happened to her in the past.”

Then Carrie released the song and, “I let Mindy know that it was hers and a few months later she recorded it,” Courtney said.

Now that we know how Mindy's story ends, I can't imagine anyone but her recording the beautiful song.