LeAnn Rimes bought herself a house for Christmas

LeAnn Rimes house
So what did you get for Christmas? 

Bet you didn't get what LeAnn Rimes got.

The LA Times is reporting that Ms. Rimes and her trophy hubby, Eddie, got themselves a sparkling new home for the bargain basement price of $3 million.

The Spanish-style house, built in 2005, sits on nearly 2 acres with a swimming pool, a guest house and a barbecue center off a covered patio. Features include beamed ceilings, an arched window in the dining room, a central staircase with Spanish-tile accents, a den, an office, six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 8,642 square feet of living space and a four-car garage.

The Times doesn't mention when LeAnn bought the property, but Trulia (where all pictures below came from) says the home sold back in December. 

  • LeAnn Rimes house
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  • Picture-uh=235cf67bfb753a1cee92f81656cbeb0-ps=5fcffb6cd9c8c2c3715f7117f2bd1be
  • Picture-uh=302fa21514e04f7ce08ba86a21241dec-ps=23dd68ac9b6c118779e77a5feefe688
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  • Picture-uh=5995cfa69d1987d68ccda7ed69f593a-ps=e6c95eb98acb8b43e3db086fba274d6
  • Picture-uh=8883eda8f14a796c463e85688a09916-ps=6445ae34fc8c4462a3566fa1530df
  • Picture-uh=7669193fc6e4624edb38161d702d96c9-ps=5565eaac247d47d2f216e0acb7f0bc15
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  • Picture-uh=a3805cc9d0235ba016176edb441357a4-ps=cda8272d2fa5aac1e58b56d3c95d259
  • Picture-uh=ad6070d3bee59f7f1753bacebab2728-ps=75a94e9bd7a72dea4cc4d9eae150e5a0
  • Picture-uh=b0592dacd4b973a34d4876f5fdebfe7-ps=ff7a436536e5dd9d25b95bcda659ce13
  • Picture-uh=dc59f58c3c28574f192230c1df2721c-ps=30bda36558b4384ef6f3390d4657124
  • Picture-uh=de14e970184daaa6fcc6eda3a7472fe9-ps=747d9ffbea6e5c1423b719f957fa7e25
  • Picture-uh=e231301af468e7e6bde5e7d87599bf3-ps=ee2a31a3b857a141618d3a4ee293999
  • Picture-uh=fa8b9fa72c1bfe03ff7276f45533774-ps=a2849efaba276868bc9598f3898849e-5565-Bonneville-Rd-Hidden-Hills-CA-91302
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