Kristin Chenoweth a bird brain? Reportedly joins voice cast of “Rio 2”

Rio 2 

If someone calls Kristin Chenoweth a bird brain, turns out it might just be a compliment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chenoweth has joined the voice cast of Rio 2 and will join the cast of the first Rio – Anne Hathaway, Jesse Eisenberg, Jamie Foxx and – as well as new cast members Andy Garcia, NBC Today Show anchor Natalie Morales, and Bruno Mars.

No word on what part Trace Adkins' ACA's cohost, Chenoweth, will play, but the movie synopsis from THR says:

Rio 2 will follow Blu (Eisenberg), a neurotic blue macaw, and Jewell (Hathaway), his free-spirited mate, as well as their three kids. The conflict of the film arises when Trace]]] Jewel expresses her desire to raise the chicks in the Amazon as "real birds" rather than in their current domesticated environment.

The animated film is set to be released April 14, 2014.