Kristen Kelly – 10 Random Questions


Texas native Kristen Kelly has hit country music radio full force. Her 2012 debut single "Ex-Old Man" was an upbeat and fun song that everyone seemed to enjoy, while her 2013 single "He Loves To Make Me Cry" is a ballad about a man who brings his woman much happiness. She released her four track EP October 2012 and she can currently be spotted touring with Rascal Flatts. For album details and tour dates head on over to but for 10 fun random questions, well this is just the right place.

1. At what age did you know you wanted to persue music?

20 years old

2. Who is your favorite current artist?


3. Shoes or purses?

I'm more of a boots kinda girl

4. Do you consider yourself trendy? Where do you shop?

I think I'm somewhere in the middle of trendy and "I know she didn't" I don't of the things I dislike the most

5. Favorite icecream flavor?

Cookies & Cream

6. Beer or Whiskey?

Jack Daniels

7. Favorite reality tv show?

I don't watch many reality shows…does The Voice count?

8. If you could have any super power in the world, what would you pick?

I would have the power of flight. I fly (float) in my dreams.

9. Anything exciting happening for you in 2013?

I am on the Changed Tour with Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry right now which is a great way to  kick off my 2013. I also have new music coming out this year.

10. Is there anything you want the world to know about Kristen Kelly?

Some really funny facts: I love baseball. I hate spiders. I used to teach roller skating lessons.


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