Justin Moore Interview: Tour, Album & Nascar

Justin moore

Justin Moore has been taking the country music world by storm, and never slows down. His Outlaws Like Me Tour kicks off March 14th in Pikeville, KY and he is already working on his upcoming album. Oh, and did  I mention Nascar? Justin Moore is set to perform at the Daytona 500 this month as well. We caught up with Justin for the 411 on his upcoming projects.

I'll actually be in Pikeville, KY on the 14th to check out the show and you couldn't of picked a better place to kick this thing off, KY is going to be a great crowd right?

We started talking about kicking off the tour and where we wanted to play and I thought Kentucky has been so good to us let's just do it there. Two of my band members are actually from there so it'll be exciting for them as well as us.

You got Dustin Lynch & Jon Pardi, how's that going? Are you all good buddies?

Dustin and I are managed by the same guy so we've gotten to know each other pretty well and we're happy to have him out he'll do great. Jon I don't know personally, his first single it was out this past year and I loved it. We're lucky to get him on it and I'm looking forward to getting to know him so it's going to be al ot of fun. I'm looking forward to it but it's a little scary at the same time because if things go wrong its your fault. We're very fortunate to get to this point in our career, most people don't get to this point and we're just very very lucky.

Will you be doing any new songs from the upcoming album?

We will, we were just talking the other day about what songs we were going to do. I'm not done with the album we probably have about half of it done. We have a new single coming out here in a couple of weeks and we've started playing that song obviously and we'll put another song or two in there as well.

A lot of fans have been asking about your tattoo in the video for "Til My Last Day" what's the story behind that?

The tattoo that was shown in that video, it's my oldest daughters birth date 2.11.10 and it's in roman numerals. She came along at a time when we all needed a smile on our face we had unfortunately a couple deaths in our family and my wife and I wasn't planning on having kids yet..my career was just taking off and everybody always says things happen for a reason and I believe that. She's obviously a blessing in our lives so I got that for her and now I gotta go get another one for Kennedy our youngest and I dont know what Im gonna do about that

What's it like being in a house full of just girls?

(laughs) There's a heck of a lot of estrogen floatin' around, I'm swimmin' in it. No, it's great I'm lucky to have two little girls and a wife who supports me at what I do. I got a boy dog thankfully but its pretty wild around my house right now.

I hear you will be performing at the Daytona 500 pretty soon?

Yeah, we're excited. I'm a huge Nascar fan so it'll be fun. To be here for the reason we're here, we've teamed up with Crown Royal to kick off their annual "Your Heroes Name Here" program. It was something that I was fortunate enough to get to do last year and it's for fans who are 21 and older they can go to www.crownroyalheroes.com to nominate somebody who has made a huge difference in their life and folks get to go vote, the winner has the brickyard 400 named after them. Last year it was named after a gentleman named Curtis Schaffer, a firefighter in Alabama who done some incredible things and I got to be a part of it. It's really rewarding for us to get to do this and put a smile on some folks faces. We're actually kickin that off in the fan zone in Daytona on sunday so it's exciting.

So I wanted to throw a quick random question at you here, If you could only pick one for the rest of your life either hunting or fishing which would you pick?

Boy, I love em both. I'd probably say huntin', I think I'm better at huntin'. I'd stand more of a chance of eatin' if I picked huntin' over fishin'.

You can check out www.bigmachinelabelgroup.com for upcoming tour dates.